Cool Collection of Fendi: Princess Anne Is the Inspiration

Cool Collection of Fendi: Princess Anne Is the Inspiration

Cool Collection of Silvia Venturini Fendi inspired by princess. The cool thing is this inspiration made for guys clothes? Well, get ready to be shocked, because that’s exactly what happened with the new menswear line from Princess Anne and Fendi!

Cool Collection of Fendi: The Idea of the Royal

Cool Collection of Fendi: Princess Anne Is the Inspiration

The coronation last year caught the eye of Silvia Venturini Fendi, the designer of Fendi. Princess Anne is known for wearing clothes that useful. She looked beautiful in her Blues and Royals green velvet cape, her tall feathered hat, and all of her military badges. It impressed Venturini Fendi so much that she said, “Let’s get ideas for a men’s collection!”

Cool Collection of Fendi: The Look of Town and Country

With the Town and Country collection, you can take a winter walk across the Balmoral moorlands in a way that is a little more royal. Think of parkas that are too big on you, leather wellies, rain hats, big green sweaters, and lots of skirts, skorts, and kilts in tartan.

Taking Fashion To New Heights

Venturini Fendi want to make things interesting by breaking the rules of what is consider girly and boyish clothing. Princess Anne, who dressed like a soldier, was a great model. The designer likes how Anne knows how to mix a tough attitude with a bit of femininity. At the same time, she says that the princess is “rigorous in how she dresses, with this kind of military-minded attitude.”

Chic and Not Fashionable

Princess Anne is not your normal fashion icon at 73 years old. Not everyone knows about her, and she doesn’t follow every trend. Venturini Fendi thinks that’s what makes her so stylish. She is “anti-fashion,” but she sets a fashionable standard by accident.

What to Wear for Life

The idea behind the Fendi line is to make “garments for life, not use and throw away.” These ideas are in line with what Princess Anne thinks about fashion. People often see her wearing the same clothes more than once. Since 1976, one blue coat make with fur.

Cool Collection of Fendi: The Stand for Sustainability

When Princess Anne recently went to a textiles factory, she spoke out against fast fashion. She talked about how throwing away clothes hurts the earth and suggested that people learn how to be tailors and dressmakers again. She stressed how important it is to use materials that can go with more than one style.

In conclusion

Who would have thought that a princess known for her useful style could inspiration for a high-end clothing line? Princess Anne’s cheap and anti-fashion style has not only inspired Fendi, but it also sends a strong message about fashion that is good for the environment. So, the next time you see someone wearing a cool Fendi outfit that looks like it make for a queen, remember that style can come from anywhere.